Short Term Loans

$100 $500
1 days 30 days
Your Repayments will be every 30 days
Charges to Pay:
Total you will Pay:


How it Works

Step 1: Apply online

Step 2: Sign documents

Step 3: Receive loans


LGMICRO offers Short-term financing the digital way: Personal Loans – for which repayments are deducted at source. We understand that everyone’s needs are different and we treat each customer as an individual, our service reflects this. We tailor each loan to our clients’ needs and situation. We offer you the flexibility to choose your repayment term and amount to suit your needs not ours. Know what your total repayments will be from Day 1, with no hidden charges.

LGMICRO Loan rates are competitively priced than others in the same market place.

Choose Between Our 2 Loan Types

Short Term Loan

One off payment

Our Short Term Loan could help if you have an unexpected expense.

This is a 30 day loan with an average loan size of US$300 and a minimum of $100. Depending on performance, one can borrow up to a maximum of US$500.

3 Month Flexi-Loan

Spreading the cost

Lets you spread repayments over 3 months.

Borrow between US$200 and US$500 and payback over 3 months.  Use the money for whatever you like: an unexpected emergency; to pay school fees; its up to you really.


The Personal Touch

We understand that even the best people can go through tough times; this is why we consider applicants with a less than perfect credit rating.

LGMICRO Loans are manually underwritten so you can be sure you will receive the best loan for you at the best rate. We pride ourselves on our one to one service; your account manager will be available to speak to you during the application and processing stage to answer any questions you may have. Once your loan is approved, we will contact you to let you know when your repayments are due.

Responsible Lending

We pride ourselves on being a responsible lender. LGMICRO considers all applications carefully and we will obtain a full credit search to ensure you meet our criteria. We will also ask you to provide proof of income, in the form of recent bank statements.

Our lending criteria are stringent and we strongly recommend clients not to apply for credit if they are experiencing financial hardship or are aware that they may struggle to repay their loan.

Cheaper Loans

LGMICRO Loan rates are much cheaper and we offer longer loan terms to help you keep your repayments at an affordable level.

Non-Payment Policy

If you cannot not make a payment on the agreed repayment date do not panic. Contact us and we will do our best to come to a mutually agreeable arrangement to pay back the loan. Whether it’s taking the payment a few days later than agreed or, spreading the payment over the remainder of your term; we want to help.

Failure to contact us or reply to our communications will result in a $50 fee being added to your account once the account defaults after 5 days. Further costs may also be added at a later date if we have to take further action to recover the debt.

WARNING: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. Should we however not receive the money in a reasonable period; your account will be handed over to an external debt collections company. Continued failure to repay a loan will mean we may be forced to take legal action against you. In addition the credit bureau will record the outstanding debt. This information may be supplied to other organisations to perform similar checks and trace your whereabouts and recover debts that you owe. Records remain on file.

Collections Practices

All payments are collected via Payroll Deductions (mainly Government, Zimbabwe National Army and Government Pensions), Debt Orders (limited to Agribank, CBZ Bank, NMB Bank), and Stop Orders.

Renewal Policy

Each and every loan application is a separate loan and is treated as such from application to quotation and ultimate contracting. Paid-up or settled loans are not automatically renewed.